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David Rodwin in Fuck Tinder at Sacred Fools Theatre, Second Stage (Photo by Esben Melbye)

David Rodwin in Fuck Tinder at Sacred Fools Theatre, Second Stage (Photo by Esben Melbye)

Fuck Tinder 

Reviewed by Terry Morgan 
Sacred Fools Theatre, Second Stage
Through June 22


David Rodwin’s one-man show, Fuck Tinder: a love story, recounts his dating experiences with the titular app after moving from L.A. to San Francisco. After his L.A. girlfriend unexpectedly breaks up with him and he’s mugged at gunpoint the same night, he decides a move to the windy city might be beneficial. He opts to try out Tinder, which he’s heard described as “Free sex, right now, often weird.” He goes on to talk about a Cyrano-esque Uber driver, a fraught night at a sex club, the evolution of Tinder as a regular dating app, and the downsides of having sex eight times in one night.

Rodwin is an amiable performer, and this is a smart funny show. His anecdotes are always interesting (a big plus in a solo show), and his writing is sharp — but the more serious material about looking for love feels slightly thinner than the rest of the play. There’s also an element of humblebragging about the show — look how much I get laid! —although Rodwin pulls it off with humor. The uncredited lighting and sound are low-key but seamless, and do much to vitalize the production.


Sacred Fools Theatre, Second Stage, 6320 Santa Monica Blvd., Hollywood;, Running time: one hour and 7 minutes.



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