Son of Semele Ensemble

Member (Nonprofit)

Northeast LA

An ensemble theatre company producing intimate, inventive and bold contemporary plays and other performance works.


Production Size:
Typical House Size: 50 Seats or less
Typical Production Budget: $10,000+
LA Drama Critic's Circle Award, LA Drama Critic's Circle Nomination, LA Weekly Theatre Award, LA Weekly Theatre Award Nomination, Ovation Award, Ovation Award Nomination, SAGE Award, SAGE Award Nomination, Stage Raw Award Nomination
LA Times Critics' Choice, LA Weekly Pick of the Week, LA Weekly Recommended, Ovation Recommended, Stage Raw Recommended
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Genre: Dance / Physical Theatre, Theatre
Aesthetics: Contemporary, Narrative, Non-Narrative, Realism, Surreal
Union Actors: AEA Memership Rule
Union Directors: SDC Contract