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Strategic Plan

We’re examining our long-term and short-term goals; what’s important to producers in Los Angeles?  What kind of assistance can TPLLA provide its members?  We’re a diverse bunch…how can we serve everyone?

A Strategic Plan identifies our goals for the next 2-5 years, identifying objections as well as practical steps we might take together to accomplish them.

This Strategic Plan is written with several goals in mind:

  • Identify ten short- and long-term objectives, coupled with incremental steps to accomplish them
  • Formalize standing committees to oversee financial oversight, ongoing planning, fundraising/development, union relations and collective bargaining, and Board development/succession.
  • Assist the organization in prioritizing its resources (funding, volunteers, Board of Directors)

You can help form the future of the Producers’ League:

Take the survey; tell us what’s important to you.

Join the team which is writing the Strategic Plan.

Survey – what are your priorities?

Which do you think should be the Producers’ League’s biggest priorities? Check all that you think might be valuable, either to you or to the community.

Greg, Matt, Daniel, from Scott:  For TPLLA surveys, we’ll probably want to use something recognizable like Survey Monkey, right?  In the interim, here are two versions from two different plug-ins which will allow us to discuss the content of the survey itself.  The first version is just radio buttons — click if you think this should a priority.  The second one, below the first, allows for ranking of important/not important.  To see the second one, click “Take our survey!” and it’ll open on its own page.

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Second version of the same poll — allowing for ranking (important/not important):

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